Courtship Journal and Keepsake

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where did I get the idea for the Courtship Journal and Keepsake?  A dear niece had recently begun courting with a young man, and after searching local Christian bookstores for a Courtship Journal and not finding what I wanted, I made my own as a Christmas gift for her. Eventually, this lead to publication.



2. What are some suggestions for using it?   Other than writing, writing, and more writing in it as you spend time talking and sharing (and create a habit of good communication), if you are into scrapbooking, you can add photos, movie / concert tickets, menus from special dinners... whatever you like! Take your book to your local office supply store and have the binding removed and replaced with a spiral binding. (You might want to do this anyway so that it will lie flat more easily) Scrapbooking adhesive makes it really easy to adhere those special mementos that you will want to place in your Courtship Journal! I'm an avid stamper, so a bit of advice would be to use your stamps and patterned papers to dress it up a bit more - you'll love the results! This will help turn it into a treasured keepsake of this special time in your lives.



3. Must you work through the Journal in page order?  No, you can work through the book in any order you wish. Skip around to different sections after looking through it, or travel through the Journal in page order. It's totally your choice.



4. What types of questions are in the Journal?  Questions in the Journal span all areas of life... there are questions regarding family, Scripture & religion, work and careers, communication, closets & laundry, favorite dates, cooking & cleaning, cars, where you would like to live, there are fun and light questions as well as the questions that require you to go deeper in your conversation and thought, etc...  - all to get the two of you talking and sharing your thoughts and feelings about many different aspects of sharing a life together.



5. How will using the Journal help couples who decide to marry?  As the two of you talk and share your hearts, feelings, and minds with each other, you'll identify areas in which you have a very similar approach to life, as well as areas where you have a totally different approach to life, should you decide to pursue a life long marriage.

6. What is the ultimate goal of using the Journal? The ultimate goal of using the Journal is for a couple to develop a habit of communicating clearly and openly, helping to guide them to a decision about whether or not to marry.



7. Where can we purchase the Journal?  Purchase your print copy from any bookseller. Amazon and Barnes & Noble offer a see inside the book feature, and here is a link for a listing on the Christian Book Distributor site showing that it has been reviewed by Focus on the Family:    (An e-book version is also available... Instead of writing in the book, start a document on your computer and type your answers.)