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Resurfacing from Under My Rock

Posted on August 21, 2017 at 11:05 AM

Greetings to you all,

I actually can believe that it has been just over two months since I last posted anything.

It has been a wild and crazy summer over here.

I shared with you all about the motor vehicle accident that my husband was involved in (month of May) and walked away from without a scratch - total miracle from the Lord!

I believe that I also shared we had decided to move....downsize is the proper term. We packed, searched for a different home, packed some more, searched some more, oh - and prepared two rental properties for selling at the same time as our home. And PACKED!

One rental sold quickly....the other should close by the end of this month (thank you, Jesus!)

We found a smaller home and planned our move - first time to hire movers.

Two days prior to our scheduled move, (on the fifth anniversary of my mother's passing) my 54 year old husband has a major heart attack at bedtime.

No. Joke. Completely. Totally. Serious.

Called 911 and waited on the ambulance.

Had to tell the girls I called an ambulance for their Dad....that was the worst part of the entire experience.

Called a neighbor to stay with the girls.

While I was waiting in the solitude and peace of a waiting room for surgery patients, (no other surgeries were happening at this time of the night) I began texting to ask for prayer.....I contacted family first and then friends from church. I was surprised at the number of responses I received between the hours of midnight and 3:00 AM.

God graced us with more miracles.....

One artery had two major blockages at 70% and 100%.

Within two hours of the first symptoms, he was in the cath lab at the hospital and surgery was beginning.

The doc placed two stents. He was in the hospital from late Monday night through Thursday early afternoon. He has recovered beautifully!

The Lord has been so very good to us!!

We are grateful for the EMTs, doctors, and medical staff, and the ways God gifted each of them in preparation for them to be  positioned to assist Kyle during this extreme time of need.

The moving company was so very understanding and let us reschedule our move for the next week - which we were able to do.

He stayed home from work the following week to recover and then returned two weeks to the day of the attack. (It was nice having him around on moving day....He did have to rest some, but I was grateful he was there.)

I've been unpacking and placing items where I think they will stay permanently, but I am not quite sure yet. We still have more boxes to unpack. My husband still has shelves to build, cabinets to hang, and his own boxes to unpack.

We have to plan our home school calendar for the year - then actually begin.

And, we still have one house to sell....the lovely (and large) one that we just moved from. Prayers for that would be appreciated, but we also know that God has a plan and that it will happen in His timing.

This is the pressurized rock I have been living under for the past few months.....I am grateful for good friends and family, and for our church family who showed up in a huge way when my husband was in the hospital and while he recovered. It was truly amazing, overwhelming, and humbling all at the same time.

God is good.....all the time.

What have you been dealing with lately? Know that through it all, God sees you....God hears you..... and God loves you!!

I usually try to keep posts fairly short, but this one just needed to be long.

May the Lord bless you and keep you and shine His face upon you ~


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